Thursday, June 7, 2012

Support the Multiple Sclerosis Kidz Klub

Please support my friend in her mission to help out children who care for a parent with Multiple Sclerosis.
Here is her story:

‎13 years ago I was diagnosed with ms, It changed my life forever. I lost alot of things during my struggle. I could no longer teach, marriage, friends, but most important was my kids lost there childhood. They had to take care of me during these times when I lost use of my legs, when I went blind, loss of my hands. 
I Now have a chance to help other kids regain some of there childhood for a short time and after contest. I am by far the best makeover, but it goes according to votes. So I am asking you to go to the link below and vote. Each e-mail can be entered 5 times a day. I am hoping to win the $2500.00 for the MS kids summer camp.
Help me by helping them forget there worries and be kids for the summer.
Kim and please pass the word

Here is a link that will allow you to vote for her.  People are permitted 5 votes per day.

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