Saturday, July 7, 2012

" The Young Carer Rap"

Raising awareness of Young Carer's is vitally important.  A young carer has been described as a person under 25 who provides assistance to a family member with an illness, disability, or language barrier.  Assistance may be provided daily or when needed in conditions which are relapsing-remitting.

It is often difficult for young carers to identify that they are indeed young carers as they just do what is needed for their family member.  Programs to support young carers can offer support, information, advocacy and opportunities for "kids to be kids".

Lucky is a young man who raps about his care giving experiences and the impacts they have on his life.
Here is a link to his rap.

Please take this opportunity to view his rap and support awareness to the Young Carer's Movement.

Young Carer Rap- Click here


sandy said...

love it! how clever and sweet.

nicole said...

I couldn't open the rap! shucks!

Kim said...

Nicole, I changed the access settings on the rap so you should be able to open it now.

Thanks for letting me know there was a problem with it!

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